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Large theft ring uncovered, 11 people arrested

Large theft ring uncovered, 11 people arrested
Eleven men have been arrested in connection with a large theft ring spanning nearly 10 years and involving more than $400,000 worth of property at last count, according to the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office.
The arrests came after a several-months-long investigation. The scope was so extensive that it involved cooperation from a total of 11 other law enforcement agencies in both Carolinas, including SLED and North Carolina’s SBI.
Many of those arrested are related to one another and live in the Salem Road area of Marlboro County, and others are connected by working together at American Mechanical and Piping (AMP) in Cheraw.
Their arrests represent the resolution of more than 20 cases involving stolen goods, most of them from Marlboro County but others  from Chesterfield, Darlington, Florence, and Charleston counties. The investigation reached into North Carolina as well.
The various charges against the men include receiving stolen goods, conspiracy, grand larceny, accessory before and after the fact, and chop shop violations.

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