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Man arrested after 911 call threatening law enforcement

A Bennettsville man is behind bars after allegedly making threats against law enforcement and others during a 911 call.
It happened Tuesday, April 18, according to the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office. Dannie Harrington, 35, of 110 Arthur Smith Street, allegedly placed a call to the Marlboro County 911 center sometime after 6 p.m. Tuesday "and made numerous threats that included killing people and members of the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office and Bennettsville Police Department," according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office. 
The Sheriff's Office immediately spoke with the Bennettsville Police Department, S.C. Law Enforcement Division and 4th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Harrington was arrested without incident a short time later. He will have a bond hearing at a later date.
According to the news release, the motive for Harrington’s actions is unknown at this time. He has a prior criminal record. 
“In this day and time, threats of this nature have to be acted on quickly," said Sheriff Charles Lemon. "The safety of the public is our priority and especially in this situation where the threat of mass killings and law enforcement as targets are part of the threat. We were fortunate to be able to have him in custody so quickly.” 

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