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Possible school attack prevented at Wallace Elementary / Middle

  • 20 February 2018
  • Author: Dan McNiel
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A 14-year-old Wallace Elementary Middle School student was taken into custody by Marlboro County Sheriff Office Tuesday morning after being overheard making a threat last week.
Capt. Sara Albarri said another student overheard the 14-year-old making threats last Thursday and told a school staff member this morning.
"He or she could have possibly saved some lives at the school," Albarri said.
Deputies responded to the school and intercepted the threatening student. The student was searched with no weapons found.
Albarri said the student confessed and had a specific plan with victims in mind.
Department of Social Services and Department of Juvenile Justice was notified.
The student has been taken to DJJ for a mental health evaluation in Columbia.

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