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Strategic planning looks at finance, safety

Marlboro County Council concluded a series of strategic planning sessions last week with the goal of establishing a “road map” for staff to follow in order to improve on quality of life for county residents.
Over three sessions, the council identified factors which make up quality of life in a community, issues that exist in Marlboro County which are detrimental to quality of life, and, finally, how the county can effect positive change on some of those issues

Preparing for the feast

Preparing for the feast
Like most folks, members of First Presbyterian Church in Bennettsville spent much of the last week getting ready for Thanksgiving.  However, the church is expecting a few more than the average for dinner.  The Presbyterians are holding their tenth annual “Thanksgiving Feast”, where they, along with many other volunteers, prepare plates for over 1,300 people in Marlboro County that might not get a traditional Thanksgiving meal otherwise

Sen. Graham meets with local officials

Sen. Graham meets with local officials
United States Senator Lindsay Graham visited the Marian Wright Edelman Public Library on Tuesday, meeting with officials from Marlboro County, the City of Bennettsville and the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Department.

Rotarians hear of WWII hero in the Philippines

Bennettsville Rotarians saluted all American veterans during their weekly luncheon meeting Tuesday at The Skye.
Guest speaker was Mrs. Mary Godlesky of Newton Road, McColl, who told the story of her late father-in-law Roy Bell, an American Presbyterian missionary  and professor at Silliman University in the Philippine Islands and his family when World War II began.

Big step for Marlboro County

Northeastern Technical College’s future Marlboro County Campus is moving closer to becoming reality, as signage was installed last week. The campus will occupy the former Winn Dixie building, located at Highway 9 and Oakwood Street in Bennettsville.